Top 3 Reasons to Remodel Your Pool

Reasons to Remodel Your Pool

Learn the Reasons to Remodel Your Pool

Even the most elegant of backyard swimming pools can become quite an eyesore as the years go by. A pool is an inviting place to gather and have fun so long as the area contains a special level of visual appeal. Cracked or broken tiles, excessive grime and slime buildup, and poor choices of surrounding foliage can create the effect of swimming in a city collection pond rather than a backyard recreation center.

If you are annoyed at the way your pool setting affects your senses, you can perform some extensive renovation work, or you can call the experts. A licensed pool installation and restoration company may turn out to be the most feasible and least costly solution for your remodels and repairs.

#1 Is Your Pools Age Starting to Show?

The most common problem with an aging pool is water infiltration into the tiles or plaster. Over time, a small crack allows water to seepage into the supporting soil, and any organic matter that escapes the action of bleach water will discolor the tiles to such a degree that polishing them becomes impossible.

A shiny new pool may look as though it requires very little maintenance. However, sediments in the water will immediately begin to eat away at the burnt protective coating of plaster. Although impossible to detect with the unaided eye, this protective coat – which was applied when the plaster material was added by the installer – is what keeps water from percolating through the junction between tile and plaster.

Delamination (a separation along a surface) occurs when sediments are allowed to seep through to the backside of the plaster. Tiles are installed over a mesh that covers the sides of the pool. If water seeps into cracks in the tiles, the underlying plaster becomes delaminated and the tiles will pop loose. Repairing the tiles involves draining the pool, stripping and grinding away the plaster, removing the mesh, and replacing it with new adhesive material. This type of work is one of the top reasons to remodel your pool.

#2 Bring Your Pools Surroundings to the Modern World!

Reasons to remodel your pool do not always involve the pool itself, but what is surrounding the pool. Sometimes a swimming pool is perfectly beautiful and up-to-date, but a homeowner may feel like something is missing. In many cases, it is the landscape not flowing into the look of the pool.

Nothing sets off and highlights a pool more than a beautiful walkway and splash zone covered in marble, slate, travertine, or other natural stone. However, most homeowners are not sure how to install stone properly for a swimming pool, to reduce possible water damage to the landscape or pool tiles in the long run.

Professional pool installation and refurbishing contractors can assist you with choosing the best foliage for your backyard. The correct use of trees and shrubs will complement the look of the pool while adding shade to the proper areas. When remodeling a backyard pool, you must consider all the probable costs involved. Pool materials include tile, plaster, new drain valves and covers, as well as adhesive materials. The cost of replanting foliage or adding a splash zone must also be considered. If you’re looking for reasons to remodel your pool, you may just need to look at the landscape instead and luckily we can provide services for both!

#3 Lengthen Your Pools Life

One of the reasons to remodel your pool is to upgrade its technology so that it can be around for your family and friends for a longer period of time. Poor pool maintenance or just aging pool technology can cause your pool to not function at its peak anymore and can even make it unsafe to use in some cases. We’ll send you some of our pool doctors to assess any systematic health issues your swimming pool may have and g

One of the best choices is to contact We Fix Ugly Pools for a complete home pool inspection. We offer professional advice about how to transform your backyard pool into a recreational facility that is fit for visiting royalty. Best of all, our work is guaranteed and backed by an unbeatable service warranty. If you have any questions, contact us, we’d love to help!

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