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At We Fix Ugly Pools, we believe a beautiful swimming pool should make you feel like you are living in a vacation resort all year long. Swimming pool remodeling in North Scottsdale can add so much beauty to your home and provide countless hours of entertainment for your family and friends. Once you decide to install a new pool or receive swimming pool remodeling in North Scottsdale, AZ, the next big decision is choosing a pool company to perform these services for you. If you live in the North Scottsdale, AZ area, we are the absolute best in the pool construction and servicing business around. Take a look at some of the pool services we specialize in below.


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About Our Pool Remodeling in North Scottsdale, AZ

While pool remodeling in North Scottsdale, AZ can require a touch-up from time to time, so does a patio. Our company can design an outdoor oasis that will add to the beauty and comfort of your home. With our beautiful patio designs, you will want to spend all of your time outside rather than inside.

One of the most beautiful trends today in outdoor living is outdoor fireplaces. Families and friends cozy up outside next to a beautiful roaring fire and enjoy time together. We can help you choose just the right outdoor fireplace design to compliment the beauty of your home and inspire great moments with family and friends.

Whether you live in the McCormick Ranch or Paradise Valley areas of North Scottsdale, trust our company with the investment of your pool. Considering the extreme heat and other weather conditions that are a part of daily life in Arizona, you want a company who understands your environment and can construct your pool to withstand the elements.

We Fix Ugly Pools provides pool remodeling in North Scottsdale, AZ as well as custom pool building services. We can construct any type of specialty or designer pool. No matter how large your pool project is, or how complex, we can build it. We offer all types of traditional pool shapes, and we can design a one of a kind pool just for you. We also specialize in saltwater pools and landscapes.

After a period of time, your existing pool might require a bit of sprucing up. You might want to update your pool’s outdated appearance by retiling and upgrading the surrounding decking. Or, you might want to add some subtle features to your pool to give it a more customized look. It is sometimes difficult to find a pool company that will deal with the actual remodel of a pool. We will provide a free estimate before any work is done, and a free consultation to make sure you get everything you are looking for in your pool remodel.

Have a leak or your pool just isn't working like it used to? We have specialized equipment that can locate any leak in your pool fast and efficiently. We will not only repair the leak, but we offer education to our clients on how to prevent these costly leaks in the future. We can also look at repairs that need to be done and provide you with services for pool remodeling in North Scottsdale, AZ.

If your pool’s surface is cracked, chipped or stained, resurfacing can give you the look of a brand new pool. You can also choose different finishes for your pool’s surface such as a smooth, colored surface or a beautiful pebble surface. We offer free estimates and free consultations on pool remodeling in North Scottsdale, AZ.

Quality craftsmanship and years of experience set our company’s pool restoration services apart from all the rest. Whether you need restoration of your pool’s concrete or natural stone coping, or restoration of the structure of the pool itself, our company is the best in the business. Our quality work and craftsmanship will surpass that of any of our competitors.

Our company also specializes in the design and construction of fountains. If you are looking for a beautiful, large fountain to add to the landscaping of your company, or if you would like a smaller fountain to add beauty to your home, we can design and install just the right fountain to impress your customers and guests. We provide custom commercial and residential grade fountains that reflect your business, personality or the beauty of the natural landscape of Arizona. Our professionals will consult with you to find the perfect fountain design for your home or business.

Custom Pool Remodeling in North Scottsdale

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