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Arizona Diamondbacks called We Fix Ugly Pools for the Chase Field pool remodel. The location of the swimming pool is very famous and prominent. Right in the middle of an MLB ballpark is definitely not the place to take chances with unqualified contractors. The Chase Field pool is incredibly important to the traditions of the Arizona Diamondbacks, so it is even more important to us to do the job right. We Fix Ugly Pools handled the team’s pool remodel. We were able to transform the original setup into a feature they were proud to show on television. In addition, they are proud to rent pool tickets to fans all summer long.

Remodeling Process

The first step in the Chase Field pool remodel was assessing the current pool’s existing issues. From there, we drew up plans for the new pool and started sketching design options. Once that design option was decided, We Fix Ugly Pools began the remodel process! The demolition of the old pool began, which included heavy machinery breaking the concrete and tile. Once the old tile and concrete was gone, we added pool plumbing and the framework. Pouring concrete, adding tile and making the pool come to life were the last steps. The pool was absolutely beautiful in the end, and perfect for television appearances and fans!

See the process before and after!


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