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As a resident of Phoenix, Arizona, you are aware of how refreshing a dip in your home pool can be. This especially holds true during the summer months when temperatures rise well above 100 degrees. Owning a pool in the Phoenix area is essentially a necessity, one that requires occasional upkeep, maintenance, and possibly remodeling. If you are a resident of a community in the Phoenix area and are looking for a highly qualified swimming pool company in your area, We Fix Ugly Pools is the right place. Below you will find the numerous quality pool services that we happily provide our customers.


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About Some of our Pool Remodeling in Phoenix, AZ Services

Maintenance is an important part of your home’s pool. Over time, your background escape may need pool remodeling in Phoenix, AZ. Some of our restoration and remodeling services can include surface touch-ups, crack repair, leaks, foundation repair, or a completely updated look.

We not only offer pool remodeling in Phoenix, AZ, but we also provide services to update the surrounding area of the pool, such as your patio or landscaping.

Apart from resurfacing, pools also can require certain repairs such as those to your water features, fountains, pump, or heaters. Our pooling company is able to fix these issues for you.

The professional and qualified experts dispatched to your property will be able to diagnose the situation and provide you with a quick and efficient solution. From resurfacing problems to repairs, we will help restore your pool to its optimal state.

Furthermore, speaking of restoration, if you have an old pool that requires coatings, decking, plaster, or deck coating, our swimming pool company is able to handle that as well within our pool remodeling in Phoenix, AZ services.

Any great pool company can offer its clients an array of backyard options, therefore we have also become experts in patio makeovers. If you are considering pool remodeling in Phoenix, AZ you might also consider your patio. Our swimming pool company is able to provide you with exactly what you are looking for. We even are able to do ourdoor fireplace installations. The possibilities are endless, so do not hesitate to ask if certain options are possible.

Overall, our swimming pool company is experienced in remodeling, resurfacing, repairs, restorations, pool fountains, patio makeovers, and fireplace installations. If you’re looking for professional pool remodeling in Phoenix, AZ, then give us a call today.

Sometimes, a traditional pool structure and style is not what you are looking for in terms of a backyard pool. For this reason, We Fix Ugly Pools is qualified to provide service in constructing custom pools. Before beginning the construction process, our service agents will consult with you and discuss the available options and subsequent process. You will be able to decide upon style, shape, build, and materials so that your pool looks exactly as you would like it to be. A custom pool is an excellent option if you want a truly unique and specifically designed pool to be the centerpiece of your backyard.

Or if you already have a swimming pool built, but it just needs a facelift, our pool remodeling in Phoenix, AZ may be the best option for you!

While an existing pool serves its basic purpose, it is oftentimes the case that the pool begins to appear outdated and worn. Therefore, we offer major pool remodeling in Phoenix, AZ. Our remodeling staff will be able to take your existing pool and add features such as lighting, certain entryways, luxury additions, and other fixtures to enhance the pool’s appearance. In addition, remodeling your pool finish has the added benefit of extending the life of your pool. Overall, remodeling your pool truly enhances the quality and enjoyment of your Phoenix, AZ outdoor living space for both friends and family.

One of the most beneficial additions that you can make to your pool is a pool fountain. Not only will the fountain serve as an aesthetic centerpiece, but it also makes your swimming pool more fun. We Fix Ugly Pools is able to install either a custom fountain or the fountain of your choice, providing your pool with an excellent and worthwhile addition.

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