Lap Swimming Pools

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Designs and Uses

Lap swimming pools are often thought of as just competition pools, but they make a fantastic addition to any home in Arizona. They are long, narrow, in-ground swimming pools that are ideal for exercise and recreation. Swimmers appreciate that the length of this style of the pool makes it ideal for swimming multiple laps with ease.


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Lap pools are generally long and rectangular, but some features an L shaped configuration. Depending on the yard space that is available, a rectangular pool is preferred. However, it is often desirable that there be an uninterrupted swimming span of 25 yards for lap swimming, if possible. This dimension should be taken into consideration when planning the shape and length of a pool.

Pools designed for swimming laps are available at multiple depths. In order to provide enough depth for a flip turn, it is recommended that the main swimming area be at least 4 feet deep. Personal preference will dictate the depth of an individual pool, as some swimmers prefer a deeper pool of approximately 6 feet in depth.

Lap swimming is an excellent activity as it builds muscle and endurance, yet is gentle on the swimmer’s joints. Lap pools are used for exercise as well as recreation. They can be used just as one would a regular swimming pool, for family fun and enjoyment.

Pools with lap swimming layouts can sport features found in high-end designer pools. Features include waterfalls or fountains, automatic covers, built-in lighting, and intricately designed bottoms. The sky is the limit when it comes to creating a unique and beautiful space.

Who Uses Lap Swimming Pools?

Swimmers of all ages benefit from lap swimming. Competitive swimmers are able to move long distances with ease, and recreational swimmers enjoy the long expanse of open water. Lap pools are ideal for elderly swimmers or those who are rehabilitating an injury due to the fact that the extra length of the pool requires fewer flips or turns than does a shorter or irregularly shaped pool. Longer pools are becoming more and more popular with homeowners who enjoy regular lap swimming, but not the inconvenience of traveling to a health club or public pool to get their laps in. A lap swimming pool is an ideal investment that will provide maximum enjoyment.

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