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Avondale, AZ, is one of over 25 cities that make up the Greater Phoenix area. It is well known for its many warm, sunny days throughout the year, making it the perfect place to own a pool. We Fix Ugly Pools provides a variety of pool services in Avondale, including pool remodeling, cleaning, building, and more. 


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Our Pool Services in Avondale, AZ

Owning a swimming pool and maintaining it's perfect condition is a commitment. To ensure consistent, safe use, a swimming pool requires regular cleaning and maintenance. We Fix Ugly Pools offers cleaning and maintenance services, which include hazard prevention, water quality, cleanliness, and more, so you can have peace of mind knowing your pool is always safe for you and your family to use. 

Over time, the surface of a swimming pool can become worn, damaged, and even unsafe to swim in. In some cases, it can even cause a pool to appear unsightly. The rougher surface has several consequences, including making the pool more difficult to clean and possible damage to swimmers' skin upon contact. To protect your pool's longevity, safety, appearance, and quality, we recommend resurfacing it ahead of time.

Swimming pools need resurfacing about every 10-15 years. Harsh weather, acid washing, and general use can cause chips and cracks to appear on the pool's surface. Depending on the extent of wear and tear to the pool, the process can be difficult, so it is best to leave the process to swimming pool experts.

The experts at We Fix Ugly Pools will provide a complete evaluation of your pool to determine the extent of damage and needed resurfacing. We will offer you a quote for the price of resurfacing and schedule the project at a convenient time for you. 

There are a few reasons homeowners choose to have pool remodeling done on their swimming pool, including:

  1. The swimming pool is old and needs significant repairs. 
  2. The swimming pool needs minor repairs. 
  3. The homeowner would like to install new features and update the style. 

Whatever the reason for remodeling your pool, choosing the right professional for the job is essential. We Fix Ugly Pools has years of experience transforming swimming pools into the centerpiece of a backyard. Our pool experts will meet with you to discuss all the options available for your pool. We will then provide a quote and schedule the pool remodeling service

Are you searching for custom pool builders in Avondale, AZ? We Fix Ugly Pools can build the custom pool of your dreams and turn your backyard into a beautiful oasis. 

Starting with a consultation, our custom pool experts will discuss your ideas and help determine your pool's size, shape, depth, and other features. Custom pools are an excellent option if you want a unique and specially designed pool to be the centerpiece of your backyard.

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