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We Fix Ugly Pools® is a premier Arizona pool company in that does it all. Known mainly for remodeling and building spectacular pools across the entire state of Arizona, as well as, Texas. Our Arizona pool company provides a wide range of services for individuals who own swimming pools and also those who would like to custom build.

Our team is capable of designing brand new swimming pools from scratch. In addition, we also provide refurbishment services that bring older pools back to life. The main goal is to provide pool services that keep your swimming pool looking great and also functioning properly. If you are looking for a pool company in Arizona, We Fix Ugly Pools is a name you can trust for all of your swimming pool needs.

Pool Remodeling

One of the main services our Arizona pool company offer is pool remodeling. This option is great for pools that are outdated and old, or in need of significant repairs. Adding various pool features is one of the most popular options when it comes to pool remodeling. Remodeling also allows for pool owners to potentially save money on maintenance costs. Energy technology updates every year, which saves many pool owners money in the long run. Waterfall slides, swim-in caves, lighting, as well as other custom options are sure to update the style of any pool.

Pool Restoration

Individuals who choose not to complete an entire remodeling project often choose restoration. This allows for simple fixes to occur such as cleaning, resurfacing, fixing tiles, and updating pumping or filtration systems. Choosing this option also means all of the previous design elements remain the same. Restoration is a much quicker, affordable way to make sure your pool is up to the best standards.

Turtle Decals on Swimming Pool Steps done by our Arizona Pool Company