Pool Grottos and Caves

Ideal Additions to Any Swimming Pool

Elevate Your Swimming Pool

There are various features to choose from to elevate your swimming pool and outdoor living space. One of the most stunning features to add are pool grottos and caves. It increases the aesthetic of the space and adds a sense of privacy to any pool. We Fix Ugly Pools can build pool grottos and caves to your preferences so you can create the perfect setup for your swimming pool. 


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Custom Options for Pool Grottos and Caves

Swimming pool grottos and caves are available in various sizes to accommodate a wide range of pools and budgets. Small grottos are perfect for a pool of modest size. A small grotto usually extends over the heads of one or two people. To accompany a large pool, a larger cave, and grotto is ideal. 

The lighting in a grotto can transform the way a pool looks. The type of lighting used in pool grottos is highly customizable, with virtually limitless options. Choose from detailed lighting setups or simply placing scattered lights throughout. One lighting example is using a light with a violet hue near the mouth of the cave. 

Seating options range from simple to elaborate. Typically, benches are built into the structure of a pool grotto. Depending on the dimensions, pool grotto benches can accommodate one person or a few people. Seating options are also available in an assortment of shapes and styles. 

Heating is typically installed in the pool, but a cave or grotto can add extra warmth. Especially when caves are almost entirely enclosed, they shelter people from the chilly evening air. If additional heating is required, custom arrangements are also possible.

The depth of a grotto or cave often depends on how deep the rest of the swimming pool is. Deep pools are often offset with a small, shallow grotto. A moderately proportioned pool usually has one or two deep caves. 

There are several additional features you can add to pool caves. For example, you can install a dry deck for a wet bar in larger caves and add lounge chairs. It is also possible to build shelves for a stereo and speakers. More elaborate caves can also include televisions, waterfalls, fire features, spas, and more. 

The addition of caves and grottos exist for almost any swimming pool. Our talented builders have years of experience. We Fix Ugly Pools® will help you build the swimming pool of your dreams!

Pool Grottos and Cave Style Swimming Pool

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