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Every family in Peoria, AZ that is building their dream home likely wants to add a swimming pool. Or if they’re buying a home, it likely already has a pool that may need some remodeling.

Building a pool or remodeling one can be intimidating for a homeowner to find the right company to work with. We Fix Ugly Pools has been a pillar of the pool industry for decades and continues to provide pool remodeling in Peoria, as well as, custom pool builds, maintenance of existing pools, and even dabbles in patio and outdoor areas to complement your pool. We are trusted throughout Arizona and Texas as one of the best pool companies, especially if you want to avoid an ugly pool catastrophe.


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New pool construction allows the homeowner to choose the shape and size of the pool that they desire. The new pool can be placed on the property in any configuration and made to any scale.

When the homeowner purchases a home that has an old pool, we can help. With our pool remodeling in Peoria, we can change the layout of a pool, remodel the interior and exterior of the pool or even remodel the patio that surrounds the pool. This combination of services can rehabilitate the pool and bring it back to life for the family.

Pool remodeling in Peoria, AZ doesn't have to be limited to only your swimming pool, it can also involve the areas that surround your pool.

Water fountains can be built on any property, along with outdoor fireplaces, special patio construction, and patio makeovers. The homeowner can also get a new patio, outdoor fireplace, or fountain to go with their pool. The outdoor entertainment area of the home should be as lavish as you want. We Fix Ugly Pools aims to provide you with the best pool remodeling in Peoria you can experience. Let's create outdoor areas that will meet the entertainment needs of you, your friends, and family!

In Peoria, Arizona, we offer the best outdoor pool construction services for home and property owners. While we understand that there is plenty to do in town.There is nothing like being at home and soaking in the sun by their pool, fountain or fireplace. We Fix Ugly Pools constructs outdoor play and entertainment areas that can keep the family at home all day long. While the family could be at a local park, they could just as easily stay at home and play in their pool that we have constructed.

At We Fix Ugly Pools, we work to give customers to be experience possible when repairing or constructing their pool or outdoor entertainment area. From pools and patios to fireplaces and fountains, we offer homeowners a way to raise their home’s value, make their home more enjoyable and make the home a center of neighborhood entertainment.

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