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Pool Remodeling Services In Peoria, AZ

Peoria, AZ, is one of the major suburbs in Phoenix and is located mainly in Maricopa County and a small portion of Yavapai County. The many warm, sunny days throughout the year make it an excellent place to own a swimming pool. We Fix Ugly Pools is a trusted company throughout Arizona, and we offer various pool services to ensure your pool is maintained, clean, and always safe to swim in. 


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Pool Remodeling Services in Peoria, AZ

Are you searching for a custom pool builder? Our pool builders in Peoria, AZ, can build the custom pool of your dreams and transform your outdoor living space!

Starting with a consultation, our custom pool experts discuss your ideas and determine the features of your pool, including your swimming pool's size, shape, depth, and other custom features. Custom pools are the best option for homeowners looking to create a unique, one-of-a-kind pool for their backyard.

During the pool remodeling process, our pool experts will work with you to identify potential issues and discuss the changes you want to make to your swimming pool. The pool remodeling process also gives you the chance to add pool features such as fountains, slides, waterfalls, and more! 

Swimming pool remodels can drastically transform the appearance of an outdated, unsightly swimming pool. 

Over time and use, the surface of a swimming pool can get worn, damaged, and become unsafe to swim in. The rougher surface can make the pool more difficult to clean and cause possible damage to a swimmer's skin upon contact. 

Swimming pools need resurfacing about every 10-15 years. Harsh weather, acid washing, and general use can cause chips and cracks to appear on the pool's surface. To protect your pool's longevity, safety, appearance, and quality, we recommend resurfacing it ahead of time. 

The experts at We Fix Ugly Pools will provide a complete evaluation of your pool. We then provide you with a quote and schedule the resurfacing of your pool. 

Swimming pools require regular cleaning and maintenance for consistent, safe use. We Fix Ugly Pools offers cleaning and maintenance services, including water quality, cleaning, and more! Our pool cleaning and maintenance services ensure that your swimming pool is always safe for you and your family. 

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