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why Get Pool Resurfacing?

Swimming pool resurfacing is a fact of life when you own a custom pool. Although some pool owners opt for a do-it-yourself approach to resurfacing, it is not always the most economical path to pool maintenance over the long run. A solid, non-porous surface is important to maintain water quality. Many pool owners want their pool to be taken great care of. A reputable pool maintenance company ensures that the task is handled professionally as well as done properly.


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You will need a swimming pool resurfacing service every 10-15 years for concrete pools. The process can be laborious, depending on the extent of wear and tear to the pool. Harsh weather, acid washing, and general public use can cause chips and cracks to appear on the pool’s surface.

Many home improvement stores offer a DIY pool resurfacing kit. These kits contain an epoxy that creates a chemical bond with the pool’s surface, filling in minor cracks and chips.

These products are fine for pools with minimal damage and only take a few days to install. Color matching is often difficult with DIY kits so you may have to live with visible repair marks.

Depending on the type of damage that is done to the pool, it is recommended to get a swimming pool resurfacing service when there are problems, such as crack, deterioration, and some areas cannot be repaired at all.


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Why Hire a Professional?

If your pool has extensive damage or major holes, then it is best to call in the professionals. The experts at We Fix Ugly Pools® will provide a complete evaluation of your pool to determine how much damage there is. We will offer you a quote for the price of resurfacing and schedule the resurfacing project at a convenient time for you.

Once the project begins, We Fix Ugly Pools® will fix any minor chips, cracks and holes with a bonding agent. Once the holes are fixed, our team does an extensive concrete pool plastering. We will trowel down the new plaster to make sure the surface is smooth for swimming and walking. Once the plaster has dried, our experts checks to make sure that all necessary repairs have been made, and that the pool is in good condition and ready for swimmers.

Don’t make the mistake of hiring a half-rate company to resurface your pool. We Fix Ugly Pools® has an impeccable reputation and a ten-year history of fixing and resurfacing pools in southern Arizona. Make us the choice for your pool needs.

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