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The benefit of living in Arizona is that most homes have their own private pool. As you are well aware, there is nothing more refreshing during the summer and spring months than to go swimming, host pool parties, and hold comfortable gathering around your pool area, as the weather during these times usually exceeds 100 degrees. However, for many reasons, pools require professional care. As an Arizona based pool company, we proudly serve the residential communities within the Glendale area. If you are a resident of Glendale and are in need of pool service, then feel free to contact one of our agents. Below you will find the numerous professional and professional quality services that we proudly provide our clients.


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Some of our pool remodeling services in Glendale, AZ

Not every home either has a pool or a pool that suits the homeowner’s standards. Therefore, many Arizona residents reach out to We Fix Ugly Pools to get pool remodeling services in Glendale. Our goal is to provide homeowners with custom built pools and remodels that meet their standards. Our custom built pools are designed based the client’s expectations. To complete this process, a private consultation will be set up with one of our agents. During the consultation, our agent will be able to come up with a plan based on possible choices and your needs. Our professional contractors will be able to build you the quality custom pool remodeling services in Glendale, AZ that you expect.

Oftentimes, it is the case that a pool begins to look outdated and dingy. For this reason, our company offers pool remodeling services in Glendale, AZ. During the pool remodeling process, we will work with you to decide upon the remodeling changes that you would like to make. This process also provides you the option to add onto your pool features such a fountain, lights, a slide, and other accessories. Pool remodeling services in Glendale cannot only transform the appearance of your outdoor space, but it can enhance the value of your property. Swimming pool remodels are an excellent option for individuals that are looking for a small change that has a big effect.

One unknown fact among many pool owners is that every pool requires resurfacing every 10-12 years. With our pool remodeling services in Glendale, we can help with schedule and maintain your surface!

Over time, the surface of your pool becomes worn, damaged, and even dangerous. In some cases, it even adopts an unsightly appearance. The rougher surface has a number of consequences, such as making the pool more difficult to clean and also possibly being damaging to the skin during contact. Thus, in order to protect the longevity, safety, appearance, and quality of your pool, it is necessary to resurface it ahead of time. Our company specializes in quality pool remodeling services in Glendale, AZ, such as resurfacing, efficiently and effectively remedying the problem.

Apart from resurfacing issues, pools also become damaged over time. Cracks, foundation issues, pump problems, and other concerns can cause your pool to not only increase your water bill but also make the pool unsafe to swim in. Our professional pool contracts are able to assess the problem quickly and provide you with the solution that you need. Our restoration process restores your pool to its former optimal state, while our repairs will fix any issues that need to be corrected. Though our long-standing experience in this area, our contractors will be able to provide pool remodeling services in Glendale, AZ or any of the surrounding areas.

A strong and properly sealed pool foundation contributes to enhancing the lifetime of your pool and a better swimming experience. Though quality sealing, the pool completely retains water and is filtered through the hydraulic process more efficiently. For these reasons, it is very important to make sure that the foundation of your pool fulfills high standards. Our pool experts can assess the foundation or your pool and even fix any foundation issues that it may have. The foundation construction is completed only to the highest quality standards available.

In Arizona, the home’s patio is one of the most popular gathering spaces. With the beautiful weather and warm pool, patios make for great family area and relaxation space. However, over the years, a patio can appear outdated and in need of a makeover. Our professional pool company also specializes in patio makeovers, providing you the patio of your dreams. One of our most popular additions is a patio fireplace, which especially comes in handy during the cool Arizona winter evenings. You not only will be able to enjoy the new and updated space with a patio makeover, but the addition of the fireplace will add a strong sense of luxury and comfort during the cold winter.

Custom pergola and pool remodeling services in glendale

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