World Record Pool Building Time!

final touches of swimming pool

How Fast Can A Pool be Built?

On average, you’d assume it would take at least a few weeks (more likely months) for pool builders to completely construct a pool right? Wrong! Brian Morris and the We Fix Ugly Pools team have proven that a pool can be built in less than 6 hours! Construction started at 6 am and with the help of 150 workers, was completed in 5 hours, 56 minutes, and 7 seconds. Pool builders completed 22 different phases of construction; Including rebar, plumbing, shotcrete, tile, decking, filling, excavation of 85 tons of dirt (in 48 minutes), and they even built a playground.  The previous pool building record stood between 13-16 hours. That is more than 2x the amount of time it took We Fix Ugly Pools. Homeowners Julie and Michael Fish, of Phoenix AZ, were very pleased (and amazed) that their pool had been built in a single day. Their new pool features limner jets, color-changing fiberoptic lighting, a salt chlorination system, an energy-efficient pump and filter, a solar heating cover, and a desert-friendly landscape.

Still don’t believe us? Find out for yourself… give us a contact us today!

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