What is a Negative Edge Pool?

Infinity Pool

Negative Edge Pools

What is a negative edge pool? Negative Edge Pools are characterized by a vanishing edge, which gives the look of an endless pool. Some individuals choose to design the pool in a way that makes it look like it is a part of nature.

Negative edge pools are also known by many names:

All of these terms mean the same thing, a pool with edges that create an infinity or never-ending appearance.

Landscaping Ideas

Many homeowners choose a negative edge pool to complement their existing landscape. If your backyard connects to a body of water like a lake or river, a negative edge pool can be used to blend into the existing water.

There are several ways to make your negative edge pool a beautiful addition to your landscaping. If your backyard allows, install your pool so that it overlooks bodies of water, the horizon, or picturesque areas of your backyard.

what is a negative edge pool?

Making the bottom of the pool dark will increase reflectiveness, which makes the illusion of the pool even stronger. Additionally, you can build vanishing edges on all sides of the pool to increase the infinity appearance.

Many negative edge pools are installed semi-inground, but there are a few that are installed completely above ground. In any case, negative edge pools have to be partially above ground in order to create the zero-edge effect.

Negative edge pools create a resort-like atmosphere in your very own backyard. There is an abundance of features that these pools have including:

  • Gorgeous illusions that lead into existing landscapes, the horizon, and more.
  • The pool operates on a continuous overflow.
  • Due to the seamless nature of these pools, no landscaping is needed on the disappearing edge of the pool.

How Do They Work?

When water flows over the edge of negative edge pools, it goes to a basin at the lower level that eventually feeds back into a pump system, and then re-enters the pool. Essentially operating on a continuous overflow and refill system.

Negative Edge Fiberglass Pool

Fiberglass pools are most commonly used for a negative edge. It is fairly rare to see negative edges on vinyl pools.

Need a Custom Negative Edge Pool?

We recommend a professional pool builder for the installation process. We will help build the most beautiful pool to match your home and style preferences. We Fix Ugly Pools will work with you throughout the entire process. Contact us to start building the pool of your dreams!

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