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Professional Pool Repair

Professional Pool Repair - Pumps and Systems

Professional Pool Repair

A backyard swimming pool is a complex system of pumps, pipes, and thermostat controls.

Pools are designed and installed by professionals. Periodic maintenance and repair work should also be left in the hands of pool repair experts.
Do-it-yourself repair work can be much more costly than having a licensed professional take care of the project. If the materials involved are still covered by warranty, an expert repair technician may be the only choice in order for the warranty to remain valid. Before attempting any major repair or refurbishing work on an existing swimming pool, consider the short-term costs vs. the long-term benefits of having the work performed by experienced personnel.

Repair Of Plumbing And Pump Systems

Most homeowners are unfamiliar with how the mechanical components of their pool operate.

If something goes wrong it can be extremely difficult for the novice to pinpoint the source of the problem.

Professional pool repair experts can quickly analyze the working condition of all pumps, motors, filters, chlorinators, feeders, heat pumps, and blowers. These field technicians are specially trained in the areas of electrical components and motorized equipment. Their repair work is also guaranteed and covered by its own separate warranty.

Pool Resurfacing And Crack RepairPool Repairs should be left to the experts

Depending on the original construction of the pool, the materials used will vary and may include the installation of a sublayer of mesh and plaster. If a crack develops, water seepage can cause a great deal of damage to the inner sections of the pool walls. Repairs of this type are very costly for the homeowner to complete because of the specialized materials needed for the job. In addition, skill at cementing or plastering, affixing tiles, and water sealing are needed in order for the job to be completed successfully.

A professional pool repair company comes prepared with all the necessary equipment and tools. Crack repairs can be completed in less than one day and at a fraction of the cost incurred by homeowners who attempt this type of service work on their own.

Preventative Maintenance

This is the best way to ensure that the pool and its mechanical components are in good operating condition. Most motors parts, valves, feeder lines, blowers, and heat pumps show signs of fatigue and loss of structural integrity over a period of time. However, it takes an expert to properly diagnose the problem.
Calling in a professional pool maintenance technician is the best way to take care of small problems before they become big ones. Drain-and-clean services, chemical checks, motor and pump operations checks, and sediment removal are easily performed at an affordable price by licensed, expert service personnel.

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Pool Remodeling and Repairs

Even the most elegant of backyard swimming pools can become quite an eyesore as the years go by. A pool is an inviting place to gather and have fun so long as the area contains a special level of visual appeal. Cracked or broken tiles, excessive grime and slime buildup, and poor choices of surrounding foliage can create the effect of swimming in a city collection pond rather than a backyard recreation center.

Pool Remodeling and restoration

If you are annoyed at the way your pool setting affects your senses, you can perform some extensive renovation work, or you can call the experts. A licensed pool installation and restoration company may turn out to be the most feasible and least costly solution for your remodels and repairs.

Common Problems With Pool Materials

The most common problem with an aging pool is water infiltration into the tiles or plaster. Over time, a small crack allows water seepage into the supporting soil, and any organic matter that escapes the action of bleach water will discolor the tiles to such a degree that polishing them becomes impossible.

A shiny new pool may look as though it requires very little maintenance. However, sediments in the water will immediately begin to eat away at the burnt protective coating of plaster. Although impossible to detect with the unaided eye, this protective coat – which was applied when the plaster material was prepared by the installer – is what keeps water from percolating through the junction between tile and plaster.

Delamination occurs when sediments are allowed to seep through to the backside of the plaster. Tiles are installed over a mesh that covers the sides of the pool. If water seeps into cracks in the tiles, the underlying plaster becomes delaminated and the tiles will pop loose. Repairing the tiles involves draining the pool, stripping and grinding away the plaster, removing the mesh, and replacing it with new adhesive material. This type of work is beyond the capability of most homeowners.

Highlight Your Pool

Nothing sets off and highlights a pool more than a beautiful walkway and splash zone covered in marble, slate, travertine, or other natural stone. However, most homeowners are not sure how to install stone properly, nor can they get the best price on materials from the local flooring surface retailer. Installing stone surfacing involves leveling and compression of the soil, using specialized grouts and types of cement to secure the individual tiles, and coating the tiles with sealant. These pool remodeling jobs are best left to the professionals.

Creating A Stunning Background

Professional pool installation and refurbishing contractors can assist you with choosing the best foliage for your backyard. The correct use of trees and shrubs will complement the look of the pool while adding shade to the proper areas. When remodeling a backyard pool, you must consider all the probable costs involved. Pool materials include tile, plaster, new drain valves and covers, as well as adhesive materials. The cost of replanting foliage or adding a splash zone must also be considered.

The obvious choice is to contact We Fix Ugly Pools for a complete home pool inspection. We offer professional advice about how to transform your backyard pool into a recreational facility that is fit for visiting royalty. Best of all, our work is guaranteed and backed by an unbeatable service warranty.

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Pools and Home Value

How A Well-Kept Pool Increases Home Value

My pool has been a perfect investment for my family. We enjoy it for relaxation and exercise, especially when summer rolls around. Although there was talk that it would deter buyers when we sold the home, we’ve found that it actually increases our home value when it is cared for properly.

 Reflection Of Home

When you take care of your pool investment, the effort is a reflection of the homeowner and home. Buyers see that you take care of the entire property, giving them assurance that there are no major repair issues hiding in the rafters. Your home value goes up as different buyers bid higher and higher. A well-kept home and backyard is sometimes difficult to find, depending on the area. Our water feature has fresh tiles and clean water at all times.

 Hot Days Prevail

In Fort Worth, Texas, we have many weeks of hot weather. Our property value soars, especially if we list our property in the spring or summer. Buyers see the pool as a reprieve from the heat. No one wants to be relegated to the indoor air-conditioning when it is beautiful outside. A well-kept water feature brings everyone outside for a cool afternoon of swimming or relaxing. Bids may be competitive if an especially hot summer arrives during a sale.

Upscale Amenities

Some homes are in wealthier areas, making competition for sales even more fierce. A well-kept water feature definitely sets the property apart from other local listings. Every home on the block may have pools, but the cleanest one shines brightly above the rest. When I visit my neighbor’s home, I can immediately see the difference between my water feature and their property. Decaying tiles and decks only decrease home value during selling.

 Buyers That Entertain

I know that I have a good chance at a high property value if buyers are looking for a home to entertain guests. A water feature works well as a backdrop to eating outdoors and socializing. It also works for more casual parties, from birthdays to family reunions. I have even decorated it with floating centerpieces for more formal occasions, including a wedding reception. Buyers with entertaining on the mind are bound to pay more for a well-kept water feature to show the property’s beauty.

I constantly examine my property for any maintenance needs on a monthly basis. Taking care of your water feature will help your property value shine during the selling process.

Finding a Pool Remodeling Contractor in Phoenix, AZ

If you have an in-ground pool, you know that from time to time, maintenance will be required. Even if you clean and maintain your own pool, occasional problems may require the services of a professional pool contractor. Or perhaps your pool is getting to the age where you want to consider a remodel. While there are several reputable pool contractors in the Phoenix, AZ area, how can you find one you will be happy with and avoid being scammed by a bad contractor?

First of all, ask for recommendations from friends and family. Find out who they used and if they would use them again. Do some research online. Examine the websites for various Arizona pool contractors and make a list of the top few that appear to be reputable. See if you can determine from their website whether they provide the services you are looking for. Check to make sure they are licensed and insured and can meet all federal, local, and state codes in performing the work you are interested in.

Next, contact several of the companies you listed during your initial research and ask questions. Find out about the services they provide and what type of experience they have. Ask for a list of customers with contact information. Find out how they will price their services and what kind of warranty they will supply. For those that remain on your list after the initial contact, visit their showroom and meet some of their people. Try to get a feel for how professional and courteous they are and what the likelihood is that you will enjoy working with them.

Once you have narrowed your search to the top two or three contractors, set up an appointment for them to come to your residence and survey the work to be done. Ask for a written estimate or flat turnkey price and make sure all the terms are clear and understandable. Beware of any contractor that demands to be paid up front or that wants an unusually large down payment. Finally, check with organizations that can vouch for the integrity of the contractor, such as the local chamber of commerce and the Better Business Bureau.

By going through these steps, you can find a professional pool contractor that will perform the work you are looking for at a reasonable price, and avoid getting scammed in the process.