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Swimming Pool Repair


Pool Repair Services

We Fix Ugly Pools has been serving Phoenix, Arizona and the surrounding areas for years with excellent pool repair services. Our goal is in the name, to fix ugly pools. Over time a pool loses its luster and makes it unappealing to look or even swim in. There are many things that can occur when it comes to owning a swimming pool.

There are many things that can occur when it comes to owning a swimming pool. Pools can crack, fade, tiles fall off, leak, pumps go out, heaters wear down, filters break, the list is endless. We Fix Ugly Pools has proven to provide pool management and repair services to stay on top of all of our client’s pool needs. We provide expert services to clubs, apartments, condominiums, residential homes, commercial buildings and more.

Arizona Pool Service

Pool service means keeping your pool healthy and safe to swim in. If not probably maintained, a swimming pool can become a breeding ground for bacteria, algae, and other microorganisms. Keep you and your family safe with quality swimming pool services.

We Fix Ugly Pools will help keep your swimming pool safe, fun and relaxing. Don’t let time destroy your pool beyond repair. With our maintenance and repair services, your pool will remain as beautiful as you remember.

Pavilions like this are great for having guests

Swimming Pool Repair

We Fix Ugly Pools provides services in repairing pool equipment including, filters, pumps, motors, pool cleaners, timers, heaters, salt chlorinators, and plumbing. We take pride in the maintenance we provide to all of our pool owner.

Pool Services

  • Equipment Repair
  • Filter System Repair
  • Drain & Chemical
  • Pump Repair
  • Acid Cleaning
  • Chlorine Rinsing
  • Tile Cleaning & Repair
  • Pool Feature Repairs
  • Leak Inspection & Repair
  • Underground Plumbing Systems
  • Pool Heater Repair & Replacement

Pool Renovations

  • Pool Resurfacing
  • Pool Plastering
  • Pool Tiling
  • Depth Conversions
  • Pool Features
    • Waterfalls
    • Rock Features
    • Waterslides
  • Pool Additions
  • Pool Remodels
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