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Looking for custom Arizona hot tubs or spas to add to your in-ground swimming pool? Look no further than We Fix Ugly Pools! Over the years, our clients have seized the opportunity to add Arizona hot tubs or spas in their pools to provide a luxurious look and create a relaxing getaway. 


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Water provides therapeutic and restorative benefits to all living things. Ancient Greeks and Romans understood the many benefits water provides with hydrotherapy. By combining a hot tub or spa area with your custom-built pool, you’re not only increasing your home’s value but also gaining the benefits that come with a hot tub. There are several therapeutic benefits of a hot tub, including:

  • Decrease anxiety and stress
  • Treat sore muscles
  • Relieve back pain
  • Improve sleep
  • Improve cardiovascular health

How does a hot tub provide these benefits? When you are soaking in the warm water, a reaction from the heat causes your blood vessels to widen, which helps send highly nutrient-rich blood through your body more efficiently. The warm water also helps reduce swelling on tight muscles so that it can relieve sore muscles or back pain. 

Custom Arizona Hot Tubs with a Waterfall Feature


Typically, the terms spa and hot tub are used interchangeably in the U.S., but what is the difference? Below, we break down the two types to help be sure you’re getting the right spa or hot tub to suit your preferences.


Spas are associated with a system that provides water treatment. These are typically found in spa resorts or naturally within hot springs and offer a form of hydrotherapy. Spas are more permanent and built into the ground and are often attached to a swimming pool or inside a complex.

Hot Tub:
Hot tubs are large or small pools equipped with strong jets that mix with air and water to provide a massaging hydrotherapy. These are usually free-standing structures not attached to a pool or built-in ground.

In-ground spas are custom hot tubs set in the ground solo or accompanied by a swimming pool equipped with strong jets that mix with air and water.

Stone Hot Tub

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