Swim Spas

in Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas


Want to swim and relax at the same time? Lucky for you, we have swim spas available for your needs.

Is it really the best features of a pool and a spa combined?

A swim spa is a tool that allows a person to swim in a water current.

You’ll never have to turn around or hit a wall with a swim spa.


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HOW DO Swim Spas WORK?

There are two types of propulsion systems that are most commonly used in swim spas, those are called jet propulsion, and the paddle wheel systems.

Jet Propulsion System

They are the preferred choice amongst most people. Also called, pressure-driven system, they are powered by a 4-horsepower motor and feature one or more jets.

These jets can be adjusted up to speeds of 8 mph if you can swim that fast.

Some jets can be used for current direction.

Which allows you to have a customizable workout.

Paddlewheel System

The paddlewheel system uses a rotating paddlewheel at one end of the swim spa to make an adjustable current.

This kind of wheel makes a smooth current across the entire width of the swim spa.

These current’s can go as deep as 2 feet. Then the water is circulated back to the paddlewheel to continuously flow.

The most popular reason to get a swim spa is to be able to swim laps endlessly without worrying about turns or dealing with all the headaches of a big pool.

This allows more time for you to get fit and healthy either by swimming endlessly or turning off the jets and doing some water exercise such as aerobics.

With a spa swim pool you don’t have to drive all the way to a gym to get healthy, just walk to your own private lap pool and get your fitness on!

Swim spas in pool buildings are more like traditional spas or swimming pools.

They are relatively quick to install in-ground and faster to install if they are above ground.

Spas are a great place to go get relaxation and relieve muscle tension and aches.

Especially after you have worked out.

Why drive to all these different places when you can have exercise and a hot tub immediately after in a swim spa.

You can hit two bird at the same time with a swim spa and you don’t have to constantly drive back and forth to a gym and a spa.

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