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Waterfalls, Fountains and Other Amazing Custom Pool Features

How about a waterfall slide combo?

How about a waterfall slide combo?

The most important thing to remember about installing custom pool features like waterfalls, fountains, swim-in caves and water slides is to plan ahead! Before having a pool installed or remodeled, think carefully about who will be using the pool the most often. Will it be children, a mixed population, or seniors? Figuring out who will use the pool is the best way to decide on features that will satisfy and entertain everyone.

Fountains and Waterfalls

When it comes to visual appeal, nothing beats a bubbling fountain or a sparkling, splashing waterfall. Fountains come in all shapes and sizes, some with tiers and colored lights, and some even float around the pool, spraying water as they move around.

Waterfalls can come crashing down from the heights of the ‘rock formations’ created just for that purpose, and can be combined with other pool features or just enjoyed for their buffering of the surrounding city noises. Even a small waterfall feature adds a pleasing sound to the backyard.

Slides, Diving Boards and Jump Rocks

Everyone from the young to the young-at-heart will love twisting, turning and sliding into the pool from a waterslide that originates on top of a waterfall.

Diving boards can also be endlessly entertaining, almost anyone can be coaxed onto the board; learning to perfect that swan dive, or making the biggest splash of all in the cannonball contest.

Jump rocks are another great feature that seem to satisfy all ages. Most can be fabricated to blend right in with the natural landscaping.

Caves and Islands

For a Caribbean island feel, install a swim-in cave, a great place for the adults to hang out while keeping an eye on the kids. A cave would be a nice escape from the blazing sun, a swim-up bar could be included as well.

Depending on the space available, an island in the middle of the backyard pool can be used as a seating area for drying off and watching the kids, or a platform for the diving board or waterfall or other features.

Other Features

Consult with the design team at ‘We Fix Ugly Pools’ for a list of other features to choose for your backyard pool. For example, heaters are a must for winter use.

Young children, beginning swimmers or seniors with mobility issues might enjoy a beach entry, with the pool entry sloping gently into the water, just like at the beach.

Our staff can help you decide on which features best suit your project and your budget. We’ll do our best to give an accurate quote while designing an amazing pool.



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