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Types of Inground Pools

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What is a Inground Swimming Pool?

There are several types of inground pools, but what makes them different? Depending on the type of backyard oasis and pool you want, its good to learn about the pros and cons of the three main types of inground pools.


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Gunite or Concrete Pools

These are the most durable and long-lasting types of inground pools. Gunite pools are one of the only types of inground pools that are fully customizable. Anything you can think of can be designed with gunite pools. Using a rebar grid and spray concrete into your desired shape, gunite pools are born.

Pros of Gunite Pools

  • Any size, shape, or depth
  • Add design features, no problem (add anything)
  • Most durable type
  • Increased property value

Cons of Gunite Pools

  • High lifetime cost
  • More chemicals needed
  • Increased maintenance

Types of Inground Pools with Zero Edge


Designed by manufacturers as shells, fiberglass swimming pools are quick and easy to install. Not only is this one of the fastest types of swimming pools to install, but it also has a range of premade shapes and styles to choose from.

Pros of Fiberglass Pools:

  • Low Maintenance
  • Built-in Seats and Steps
  • Non-abrasive surface

Cons of Fiberglass Pools:

  • No wider than 16′
  • Color repairs sometimes do not match
  • Limited shapes


Otherwise known as a package pool, vinyl liner construction pools are assembled in modular panels and can be designed in various radius’ and segments. Improved technology has recently helped make vinyl liner pools have a longer life span, such as structural armor.

Pros of  Vinyl Liner Pools:

  • Low cost
  • Customizable shapes and sizes
  • Nonabrasive feel
  • No algae build-up

Cons of Vinyl Liner Pools

  • High lifetime cost
  • Use gently
  • Low resale value

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