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Tired of your old pool? Feeling like it needs to be restored to its formal glory? Remodeling or restoring your pool is something all homeowners do because they want to add value and give whoever your company is an outlet to have fun. A ‘makeover’ could be one of the best financial moves you could make. We are known for turning the ugliest pools into magnificent ones and even make yours as big as you can dream!


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Pool Remodeling

Most people remodel because the pool is old and is broken. Others remodel their pools to fix little problems or install new features and update the style to keep it fresh. Whatever reason you have for a remodel you can count on us to do the job right. Reason being that a remodel can be difficult with factors such as installing a new pool because the ugly one needs to be current with city codes. Fountains and waterfalls may be used to accent your lovely pool. Lights may be used to help waterfall and fountains shine even more. With the right design you might even be the owner of not just a pool anymore, but a home spa or water park.

Pool Restoration

We restore an older pool and bring it back to the original look in a like-new condition. Standard procedure involves resurfacing and cleaning, matching and replacing missing or loose tiles, replacing or repairing worn out equipment or machinery. Fiberglass and concrete pools take time to restore but we make sure it gets done right. Hiring a professional for plumbing can also save you from any expenses such as digging up underground pipes. Restoration will keep all the design elements the same and is the most efficient process to enjoy your pool again and years to come.


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