Oval pools

in Phoenix, AZ 

oval pools in phoenix, az

Oval shaped pools are geometric with curved edges and are popular for their symmetrical, elongated appearance. Due to their long length, they are perfect for lap swimming, and the rounded corners create a more natural swimming experience compared to geometrical pools with sharp corners, like rectangular shaped pools. 

Oval shaped swimming pools are perfect for backyards that are narrow or constrained by fencing, trees, power lines, and more. Oval pools blend seamlessly into landscaping elements like lush gardens, outdoor patio sets, and more to enhance your outdoor living area. They are also easy to maintain and clean because their consistent shape and water circulation are more straightforward than free-form pools with irregular shapes. 


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customizable options for oval pools

Want to customize your oval pool? We Fix Ugly Pools can help with your custom pool needs, including fountains, waterfalls, slides, diving boards, and more! 

We can also design your oval pool with a combination of these features to suit your preferences. With our free estimate, we can help you decide which features will best suit your pool and budget. 

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