Kidney pools

in Phoenix, AZ 

kidney pools in phoenix, az

Kidney shaped pools are a popular type of freeform pool and have been around for many years. Its shape resembles a kidney bean, round on each end, and curves inward along one side. Kidney pools are popular for their contemporary feel, and their asymmetrical shape is perfect for smaller spaces. 

Kidney shaped pools have been popular for many years due to their flexible design and ability to blend in with any landscape. Design features can include fountains, waterfalls, and more. Kidney pools are also easy to maintain because they have no edges or corners for debris collection. 


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customizable options for kidney pools

Want to customize your kidney pool? We Fix Ugly Pools offers a variety of custom pool features, including waterfalls, fountains, slides, diving boards, and more! 

We can also design your kidney pool with a combination of these features to suit your preferences. With our free estimate, we can help you decide which features will best suit your pool and budget. 

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