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Swimming Pool Features – Zero Edge Designs and Beach Entries

Swimming pools are an excellent addition to any home. Resale value alone goes through the roof when you add a swimming pool to the property, and a pool also allows the family to have more fun at home. You might enjoy the beach or the neighborhood pool, but there’s something very cool about having a pool in your own yard.

Zero Edge Pools

When you get a zero edge design feature for your pool, essentially what you’re purchasing is an infinity pool that comes up out of the ground and right to your doorstep. Zero edge pools are popular with much larger pools because they allow for the infinity feeling inside the pool. There are even pools that sit partially above ground and have a zero edge design to enhance the infinity effect. Obviously, this is not the same as an infinity pool, but it can give the illusion of one.

Choosing a zero edge design also allows your guests to sit right by poolside and be in the water as if they were on the beach. This is a great choice if you don’t want to do a beach entry design but you still want to feel like the pool is never-ending.

Beach Entry Pools

Beach entries are excellent for families that enjoy the beach but cannot always get there. Moreover, a beach entry design for a pool allows for a tropical theme in the backyard and around the pool. The family that entertains a great deal can easily benefit from this design because the builder will be putting in sand and setting up the “shore” of the pool just as if it were at the beach.

Beach entry designs are also great to use as places to relax. While laying poolside can be very relaxing, there is something even more tranquil about how a beach entry design is put together. The water in the pool doesn’t wash up on the sand, but it allows you to feel as though you are right on the beach.

You Need A Custom Pool Builder

A pool builder is required when you want an advanced design of the types listed above. When you’re working with the right builder you will find that they can produce any of these pool designs, and many more besides. These are not DIY projects that you can undertake on your own and hope to finish quickly. You need a professional on the job who knows how to complete the projects quickly and efficiently.

When working with “We Fix Ugly Pools,’ you benefit from their multiple years of experience as well their expertise in putting together design plans that make sense for any home. You cannot simply have a beach entry or zero edge poolside. You must work with a builder who can give you the best version of that design for the space that you have.

They are also able to match the design to your home so that the pool looks like it has always been there. Your home is a complete unit, and you want your pool to look like it’s always been part of the family.

Getting the best pool for your home can happen in many ways, but the right builder is the best, first step. Call ‘We Fix Ugly Pools’ to have your pool constructed quickly, efficiently, and within your budget.


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