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Professional Pool Repair

Professional Pool Repair A backyard swimming pool is a complex system of pumps, pipes, and thermostat controls. Pools are designed and installed by professionals. Periodic maintenance and repair work should also be left in the hands of pool repair experts. Do-it-yourself repair work can be much more costly than having a licensed professional take care […]

World Record Pool Building Time!

On average, you’d assume it would take at least a few weeks (more likely months) for pool builders to completely construct a pool right? Wrong! Brian Morris and the We Fix Ugly Pools team have proven that a pool can be built in less than 6 hours! Construction started at 6 am and with the help […]

Cleaning Your Pool

Properly Cleaning Your Pool If you have a personal swimming pool, it is extremely important to clean it properly. Cleaning not only ensures that the water is clear and safe to swim in, but also helps to keep all of your equipment functioning properly. By simply spending a few minutes of your time each day […]

The Dangers of Improper Pool Service

Most everyone would agree that being able to swim in or sit beside a crystal clear, pristine pool is a real joy, especially for those of us living in the Phoenix, AZ area. Keeping the pool looking good though, and safe for swimming, requires proper maintenance. Some Arizona homeowners elect to maintain their own pools […]

Three Common Pool Repairs and How to Avoid Them

Although most of us that live around the Phoenix, AZ area enjoy the warm climate, we all know it can get pretty hot from time to time. Many of us have swimming pools that require regular maintenance to keep them looking beautiful and to prevent health hazards. From time to time, problems will occur that […]

Planning an Outdoor Kitchen in Phoenix

An outdoor kitchen is one of the best types of living spaces for your property if you love spending time in nature. The dry desert climate of Arizona may require some special additions to ensure you and your guests are comfortable while spending time near the grilling area and help to prevent damage to the […]