Professional Pool Repair

Professional Pool Repair - Pumps and Systems

Professional Pool Repair

A backyard swimming pool is a complex system of pumps and pipes, heating and thermostat controls.

Pools are designed and installed by professionals, and periodic maintenance and repair work should also be left in the hands of professional pool repair experts.
Do-it-yourself repair work can be much more costly than having a licensed professional take care of the project. If the materials involved are still covered by warranty, an expert repair technician may be the only choice in order for the warranty to remain valid. Before attempting any major repair or refurbishing work on an existing swimming pool, consider the short-term costs vs. the long-term benefits of having the work performed by experienced personnel.

Repair Of Plumbing And Pump Systems

Most homeowners are unfamiliar with how the mechanical components of their pool operate.

If something goes wrong it can be extremely difficult for the novice to pinpoint the source of the problem.

Professional pool repair experts can quickly analyze the working condition of all pumps, motors, filters, chlorinators, feeders, heat pumps, and blowers. These field technicians are specially trained in the areas of electrical component and motorized equipment. Their repair work is also guaranteed and covered by its own separate warranty.

Pool Resurfacing And Crack RepairPool Repairs should be left to the experts

Depending on the original construction of the pool, the materials used will vary and may include the installation of a sublayer of mesh and plaster. If a crack develops, water seepage can cause a great deal of damage to the inner sections of the pool walls. Repairs of this type are very costly for the homeowner to complete because of the specialized materials needed for the job. In addition, skill at cementing or plastering, affixing tiles, and water sealing are needed in order for the job to be completed successfully.

A professional pool repair company comes prepared with all necessary equipment and tools. Crack repairs can be completed in less than one day and at a fraction of the cost incurred by homeowners who attempt this type of service work on their own.

Preventative Maintenance

This is the best way to ensure that the pool and its mechanical components are in good operating condition. Most motors parts, valves, feeder lines, blowers, and heat pumps show signs of fatigue and loss of structural integrity over a period of time. However, it takes an expert to properly diagnose the problem.
Calling in a professional pool maintenance technician is the best way to take care of small problems before they become big ones. Drain-and-clean services, chemical checks, motor and pump operations checks, and sediment removal are easily performed at an affordable price by licensed, expert service personnel.


Pools and Home Value

How A Well-Kept Pool Increases Home Value

My pool has been a perfect investment for my family. We enjoy it for relaxation and exercise, especially when summer rolls around. Although there was talk that it would deter buyers when we sold the home, we’ve found that it actually increases our home value when it is cared for properly.

 Reflection Of Home

When you take care of your pool investment, the effort is a reflection of the homeowner and home. Buyers see that you take care of the entire property, giving them assurance that there are no major repair issues hiding in the rafters. Your home value goes up as different buyers bid higher and higher. A well-kept home and backyard is sometimes difficult to find, depending on the area. Our water feature has fresh tiles and clean water at all times.

 Hot Days Prevail

In Fort Worth, Texas, we have many weeks of hot weather. Our property value soars, especially if we list our property in the spring or summer. Buyers see the pool as a reprieve from the heat. No one wants to be relegated to the indoor air-conditioning when it is beautiful outside. A well-kept water feature brings everyone outside for a cool afternoon of swimming or relaxing. Bids may be competitive if an especially hot summer arrives during a sale.

Upscale Amenities

Some homes are in wealthier areas, making competition for sales even more fierce. A well-kept water feature definitely sets the property apart from other local listings. Every home on the block may have pools, but the cleanest one shines brightly above the rest. When I visit my neighbor’s home, I can immediately see the difference between my water feature and their property. Decaying tiles and decks only decrease home value during selling.

 Buyers That Entertain

I know that I have a good chance at a high property value if buyers are looking for a home to entertain guests. A water feature works well as a backdrop to eating outdoors and socializing. It also works for more casual parties, from birthdays to family reunions. I have even decorated it with floating centerpieces for more formal occasions, including a wedding reception. Buyers with entertaining on the mind are bound to pay more for a well-kept water feature to show the property’s beauty.

I constantly examine my property for any maintenance needs on a monthly basis. Taking care of your water feature will help your property value shine during the selling process.

Three Common Pool Repairs and How to Avoid Them

Although most of us that live around the Phoenix, AZ area enjoy the warm climate, we all know it can get pretty hot from time to time. Many of us have swimming pools that require regular maintenance to keep them looking beautiful and to prevent health hazards. From time to time, problems will occur that require a repair to be made.

One of the items commonly requiring repairs for Arizona pools is the pool’s vinyl liner. Temperature changes over the course of a year can cause the vinyl liner to expand and contract, which may result in the liner sagging or creating gaps where the liner is attached. The best way to avoid this is to keep an eye on the liner and immediately correct any minor sags before they become major ones. Sometimes, this is as simple as pulling on the liner and snapping it back in place. Another common problem with vinyl liners is the development of holes. To prevent this, never use sharp instruments or toys with sharp edges in the pool. Be careful with cleaning tools, especially around seams. If your vinyl liner is getting some age on it, it may be time to think about replacing it with a thicker liner that is more resistant to holes and tearing.

Repairs to the pool pump and filtering system are also fairly common. Pool pumps have moving parts that will wear out after extended use, just like an automobile engine or an air-conditioning compressor. The pool pump is one of the most important elements in keeping the pool water clean and pure. In order for the chemicals to work properly, the water must be circulated and filtered. The best way to avoid pool pump problems is to make sure you are using a good quality pump. Check it frequently to make sure it operating properly. Look for any signs of improper operation, such as cracks in the housing, leaks that may indicate a bad seal, or excessive noise that could be caused by defective bearings.

Another common item requiring repair is the plumbing system. Every in-ground pool has buried pipes that allow the water to flow from the skimmer and drain to the pump and back. From time to time, these pipes can come apart at joints due to expansion and contraction of the soil, or they may become clogged. Although excavating the pool’s plumbing in order to repair it can become very expensive, there are new techniques available that may be effective in repairing a leak without excavating it.