Planning an Outdoor Kitchen in Phoenix

An outdoor kitchen is one of the best types of living spaces for your property if you love spending time in nature. The dry desert climate of Arizona may require some special additions to ensure you and your guests are comfortable while spending time near the grilling area and help to prevent damage to the local environment. You can find exactly what you need to build the perfect kitchen for your climate and personal tastes.

Outdoor Kitchen Basics

One of the basic things that you will need for your outdoor kitchen in Arizona is a shady place for entertaining. Make sure that you include umbrellas and other coverings, such as awnings over picnic tables or seating areas, to stay cool while grilling outside. You can also try building your kitchen on the shadiest side of the house and connecting it to the wall of the home.

Connecting your outdoor kitchen to the exterior wall of the home creates the look of a traditional kitchen with all the beauty of the outdoors. Plus, the wall may provide some additional shade during the evening hours. You will need to install a brick wall, or another type of wall that is heat and fire resistant, to protect your home from the heat of grilling and cooking. Adding a colorful tile backsplash over the retaining wall is a simple way to add some flair to your kitchen while adding an important safety feature.

Safety Requirements

You will need to follow local building codes and regulations when building an outdoor kitchen in Phoenix, AZ.  For instance, you may be required to have an up to date fire extinguisher near the grill at all times and you may need to have a building permit before making any additions to your home.  Most outdoor kitchens are covered by a shelter of some sort.  Pavilions, ramadas, and pergolas can all make a great shelter and traditional gazebos are typically too small to have enough room for cooking.  To compare the differences between these shade shelters, take a look at the design your own gazebo feature at Amish Country Gazebos.  We can typically build the custom outdoor kitchen and any shade structures you may need near your pool.

Some features, such as gas lines, will need to be installed by a professional. You will also want to opt for the highest quality grills and equipment if you want your cooking area to stand up to Arizona’s extreme heat and weather. A We Fix Ugly Pools professional can assist you in finding and installing an outdoor kitchen that meets safety requirements and that fits your personal tastes perfectly.

Adding an outdoor kitchen in AZ is a much more useful feature than one in less temperate areas.  Outdoor kitchens are a proven way to increase your home value.  Even pool builders in Massachusetts, were the useful season is only four months can see the value of an outdoor kitchen.

Your outdoor kitchen is only a few weeks away.  If you need the right kitchen at the right time, call We Fix Ugly Pools.


Three Reasons to add a Fountain to Your Patio Space

Fountains are a simple addition to your patio that can help you relax and enjoy the time you spend in your outdoor living spaces. You will find that there are several other excellent reasons to add a water feature to your Arizona property when making renovations to your outdoor living spaces.

Fountains Add Value

Water features can add value to your home when they are properly installed. If you are thinking of selling your home in the future, opt for a fountain that is simple and suitable for a wide range of tastes. For instance, a basic gray concrete fountain will be appealing to more types of buyers than a specialized fountain. Make sure to have your water features professionally installed for maximum water and energy efficiency, which is important in the desert where drought is common, and regularly maintained to ensure it lasts for many years to come.

Create A Relaxing Space

Your patio is a place where you may go to relax. The soothing sound and sight of a fountain can help you relax and enjoy the serenity of your Phoenix, AZ surroundings. With so much desert, something as simple as a water feature can make you feel like you are in a tropical paradise with just a little imagination. Try talking to a professional in fountain installation to find a model that provides a sound that you find appealing since some models are a little louder than others.

Quiet Your Surroundings With a Fountain

If you have a neighbor who speaks a bit too loudly or often hear a dog barking in your neighborhood, a patio fountain can help cut these outside sounds and allow you to focus on friends and family. Opt for a splashy, rich sounding water feature when your goal is to provide a sound barrier against the outside world.

Looking to add a Fire pit, Let’s Examine the 3 Main Types

Firepits are available in a wide selections of styles, including tile, copper and concrete, but there are three main types that you can choose from when adding this popular piece to your landscape design. You will need to know which type of fuel you prefer to use and whether you want a portable or permanent fireplace before choosing the option that is right for your Arizona home.

Portable Firepits

Portable firepits offer you the convenience of being able to be placed anywhere you happen to be on your property. Most portable firepits use wood, rather than gas or propane, making them ideal for impromptu gatherings and for use on the patio. Stainless steel is an excellent material for portable firepits because it is lightweight enough to move but can withstand the high heat of the fire and the dramatic Phoenix, AZ weather very well.

Permanent Wood Burning Fire Pits

Permanent wood burning firepits can be installed on your property if you have an area that you already use for entertaining and want something a little larger than a standard portable firepit. You will need to be sure that all wood burning fires are closely watched until the last ember is gone. With a wood burning firepit, you have the advantage of a traditional campfire at home.

Permanent Gas Burning Fire Pits

A permanent gas burning firepit is perhaps the most convenient option. You won’t need to worry about using a fire starting supplement to get wood to burn and you can put the fire out instantly with the turn of a knob. Both natural gas and propane burning firepits are available. Natural gas can be connected to the line the supplies your home by a professional installer or you can opt to purchase a propane tank to connect to your firepit.

All three options allow you to enjoy your outdoor living spaces at night or when the weather is a little cooler. Adding a fire pit is a simple way to add ambiance and create a traditional campfire feel on your property.