kids in AZ swimming pool

7 Good Reasons to Build a Swimming Pool in AZ

kids in AZ swimming pool

Do you ever wonder why swimming pools are such an important part of our lives? In thinking about all the reasons I hear for owning pools, there are 7 that seem to always come up.

The Ugly Pool Guy’s Top 7 Reasons for Owning a Swimming Pool in Arizona

1. TAKE A STAY-CATION:  Instead of ‘sheltering in place’, how about vacationing in place? If you weren’t spending so much on traveling, think of what you could do around your home with the same investment. In addition to the savings in travel expenses, think of how much more time you’ll have to spend with your family. With the money that you’ll save, you might want to consider a backyard pool for some real quality family time. With all the distractions of modern life pulling at family members, it can be tough just to find time together. A backyard pool can change that immediately, the kids just won’t want to leave! No more worrying about what your kids are doing at someone else’s house. Swimming pools are a wonderful incentive for children, and their friends, to stay home (your home) versus going other places. Trust me when I say it’s comforting to watch your children relate to their friends as they grow from little kids to young adults. Create the place you want your kids to be… with THEIR FRIENDS! A backyard pool is truly a memory maker.

2. FITNESS:  The fitness benefits of owning your own pool are plain to see. From the time the kids wake up till bedtime, they’re in the pool all summer. Even if you’re not into water aerobics, the kids can surely benefit physically from all the activity they will take part in. My youngest daughter, Klaire, will spend, literally, hours and hours in the pool swimming, diving, running and laughing. Every summer, my children undergo a physical transformation from the end of spring to the end of summer. This is because they’ve usually gained a little bit of extra weight due to being inside so much during the winter and then they find themselves playing in the pool 3 – 5 hours a day once the summer is in full effect. Instead of being bored and looking for a snack in the pantry, they instead turn their focus to creating new and exciting games and activities in the pool. And the beauty is that EVERY activity they do in the pool involves exercise of some shape or form.

3. STRESS RELIEF: We work hard. In fact, in some cases, too hard. One of the best reasons to build a swimming pool and complete backyard is the ability to escape. Being in and around water is one of the most natural stress relievers out there. There is something serene in being at “home” and watching your family benefit from your years of labor, otherwise, what is it for? And if you’re having trouble getting the kids to go to bed on time, nothing will exhaust them faster than a day in the sun and water.

4. CHURCH/GROUP/ COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES: This benefit isn’t necessarily for everyone, but it’s one that many families embrace. Many families host church and youth group activities in their backyards that lead to wonderful experiences and stronger relationships with others. I am a believer that pools bring people closer and that those relationships and memories can, and will, last a lifetime.

5. AQUATIC THERAPY: Aquatic therapy can be one of the best reasons of all to build a pool. In fact, swimming pools have enriched the lives of those with such major health issues as arthritis, cerebral palsy and fibromyalgia as well as other illnesses, not to mention recuperation from major surgery. I know a Mesa Police Officer (motor unit) that was involved in a traffic incident who credits his recovery to aquatic therapy, saying without it, the time would have been longer with more pains.

6. THE GRANDCHILDREN: As a major segment of society grows older, we have to look to the second life of these pools and what we can do to start enjoying them all over again. Bring in the wonderful grandchildren. When it comes to giving the grandkids a reason to go to Grandma and Grandpa’s house, nothing adds quite the incentive as a truly awesome swimming pool! In fact, during our many years in the pool business, I can list hundreds of pools installed, and even more renovated, specifically for this purpose. And let me assure you the incentive works (sometimes) all too well!

7. HOME VALUE: Probably the number one reason for building or renovating a pool – The National Association of Realtors recently came out with an article discussing the fact that in-ground pools increase the value of homes on average 5%. There are three types of home buyers:
#1) Those who want a pool
#2) Those who don’t want a pool
#3) Those who can take a pool or not

Bottom line, a pool and landscaped backyard is the final piece of “value” when selling your home. No matter which of the three listed above comes to look at your home to buy, if you have it all, especially a comforting backyard, you may find that even a person who argued against a pool will succumb to the allure.

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Pools and Home Value

How A Well-Kept Pool Increases Home Value

My pool has been a perfect investment for my family. We enjoy it for relaxation and exercise, especially when summer rolls around. Although there was talk that it would deter buyers when we sold the home, we’ve found that it actually increases our home value when it is cared for properly.

 Reflection Of Home

When you take care of your pool investment, the effort is a reflection of the homeowner and home. Buyers see that you take care of the entire property, giving them assurance that there are no major repair issues hiding in the rafters. Your home value goes up as different buyers bid higher and higher. A well-kept home and backyard is sometimes difficult to find, depending on the area. Our water feature has fresh tiles and clean water at all times.

 Hot Days Prevail

In Fort Worth, Texas, we have many weeks of hot weather. Our property value soars, especially if we list our property in the spring or summer. Buyers see the pool as a reprieve from the heat. No one wants to be relegated to the indoor air-conditioning when it is beautiful outside. A well-kept water feature brings everyone outside for a cool afternoon of swimming or relaxing. Bids may be competitive if an especially hot summer arrives during a sale.

Upscale Amenities

Some homes are in wealthier areas, making competition for sales even more fierce. A well-kept water feature definitely sets the property apart from other local listings. Every home on the block may have pools, but the cleanest one shines brightly above the rest. When I visit my neighbor’s home, I can immediately see the difference between my water feature and their property. Decaying tiles and decks only decrease home value during selling.

 Buyers That Entertain

I know that I have a good chance at a high property value if buyers are looking for a home to entertain guests. A water feature works well as a backdrop to eating outdoors and socializing. It also works for more casual parties, from birthdays to family reunions. I have even decorated it with floating centerpieces for more formal occasions, including a wedding reception. Buyers with entertaining on the mind are bound to pay more for a well-kept water feature to show the property’s beauty.

I constantly examine my property for any maintenance needs on a monthly basis. Taking care of your water feature will help your property value shine during the selling process.

To the Water’s Edge in Arizona – Zero Edge Pools

A zero edge pool is identified by the lack of an outside edge on at least one side of the pool, resulting in what appears to be an infinite area of water that isn’t being held in by anything. Zero edge pools are a popular choice because of their appealing design and unmatched beauty. We Fix Ugly Pools can incorporate a zero edge pool design in your Phoenix, AZ custom pool design or remodel.

How a Zero Edge Pool is Built

Most zero edge pools are built with a patio or deck on one side and a hidden frame that surrounds the remainder of the pool. The result of an invisible edge pool can be quite astounding when the water blends into another feature in the landscape, such as the sky. To achieve the endless look that zero edge pools are known for, most people opt to have their pools built off the ground. You will need to have an experienced installer in Phoenix, AZ to help you achieve this modern look for your new pool.

Most zero edge pools are built on a hill, overlooking a cliff or in another place that is higher than ground level. The building process can be quite complex and labor intensive. Most homeowners opt for a simpler design that includes the use of a steel support system and a catch basin that catches and redistributes the water that flows over the hidden edge of the pool. Some pool designs rely on a glass retaining wall rather than an overflow basin.

Selecting A Location

Since most zero edge pools are above ground level to produce the illusion of a falling sheet of water, the location that you choose for installing your pool is particularly important. You won’t want to be able to see into your neighbor’s backyard. Working with a local Arizona pool installation professional is advisable when choosing the best location, and most scenic view, for your zero edge pool.